T Group Relies on mTape for Delivery & Archive

T Group Relies on mTape for Delivery & Archive

"Not only do we use our mLogic LTO solutions for network footage delivery, but we use them to maintain our own in-house project and media archive. For years we had kept double hard drive backups of all of our digital media and projects, spending tens of thousands of dollars in hard drives a year. When we switched to LTO for our backups, our storage costs dropped dramatically, and we gained a much more reliable long-term storage medium. The mLogic LTO solutions, combined with YoYotta’s LTO database software make it easy to create fast, accurate, and network approved LTO tapes so we always know where our footage is when we need it."

- DEREK KLEIN, Director of Technology, T Group Productions, Culver City, CA


T Group is a premier television production company that develops, sells, produces and licenses shows and formats domestically and internationally.  Since Jenny Daly established T Group in 2010,   T Group has produced hits such as "Ozzy & Jack's World Detour" (A&E), "Decorating Disney: Holiday Magic" (FreeForm), “24 to Life” (Lifetime), "Mystery Diners" (The Food Network) and “Storage Hunters” (TruTV).

Currently, T Group is in production on "Ozzy & Jack's World Detour" - Season 3 (A&E), and “Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings” (FreeForm). Past Projects include “Container Wars” (TruTV), "A Wicked Offer" (CW), "Alaska Gold Diggers" (Animal Planet), “Celebrities Undercover” (Oxygen), “In The Big House” (Logo), “House of Food” (MTV), scripted comedy "Return of the Mac" (Pop), as well as projects with E!, A&E, Spike, Natgeo, TLC, and VH1.

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