Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I connect a Thunderbolt 3 mTape/mRack to a Thunderbolt 2 Mac?
         Yes!  Just use the Apple Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 2 Adapter.  Please note that the system must be running macOS Sierra (10.12.6) or higher. 

My mTape/mRack does not mount on the Mac desktop. What's going on?
In order for the LTO tape drive to been seen on the desktop, You need to first format the LTO tape cartridge. You also need to make sure that Connected Servers is enabled in the Finder Preferences

Under the Finder window select Preferences (⌘ + , (Comma)
Select the Sidebar Icon Enable Connected Servers under the shared section
What is the difference between Native capacity vs. Compress Capacity?
The native capacity of an LTO-6 tape is 2.5TB and up to 6.25TB compressed. The native capacity of an LTO-7 tape is 6TB and up to 15TB compressed.
The native capacity of an LTO-8 tape is 12TB and up to 30TB compressed.
mTape will compress data on the fly if possible. Given that most of our customers are in the Media & Entertainment space where most of the content being archived is already compressed and cannot be compressed further, you can expect the native capacity. 
Why am I getting the following error "The operation can't be completed because of an unexpected error (error code -50)"
The error could be caused by using characters in file names that LTFS does not support.The following characters should not be used when using LTFS for file names, directory names, or extended attributes: * ? < > : " | / \ We suggest that you try Yoyotta LTFS software which contain safety measures that remove the characters, without stopping the backup process.
What does error code -36 mean?
This is a generic OSX error, most likely related to bad data files or incorrect permissions.
My mTape/mRack is displaying the letter "C".  What do I need to do?
When it's time for the LTO drive head to be cleaned the unit will present an error code of "C" to remedy the situation insert the Fujifilm LTO Universal Cleaning Cartridge and the drive will automatically clean itself. Note: The LTO drive will automatically eject an expired cleaning cartridge.
My mTape/mRack unit is reporting an error code of “5” what do I do now?
Error code 5 indicates that there may be a hardware problem with the LTO tape drive. To prevent damage to the drive or tape, the tape drive will not allow you to insert a cartridge if the current cartridge was successfully ejected. The error code might clear when you cycle power to mTape. If the problem persists, please contact mLogic Support
My mTape/mRack unit is reporting an error code of “6” what do I do now?
Error code 6 indicates that there may be a tape drive or media error. The tape drive determined that an error occurred, but it cannot isolate the error to faulty hardware or to the tape cartridge. Make sure that the tape cartridge you are using is compatible with your specific model mTape/mRack . If the problem persists, please contact mLogic Support.
What third party software is the mTape/mRack compatible with?

The following is a list of the the third party software that is compatible with our mTape/mRack units.

How do I get the mTape/mRack to work in the Windows environment?
Information here.

General Questions

What are the specs for the mTape Power Adapter?
The power adapter has the following specs:
Input: 100 - 240 V ~ 50-60 Hz, 1.5A
Max Output: 12V/6A with center positive.
Barrel connector Outer diameter 5.5mm, Inner diameter 2.5mm