Hedge Canister for mLogic

mTape & mRack now ship with Hedge Canister LTFS Software for mLogic - A $299 value!

mTape & mRack Thunderbolt 3 LTO solutions now ship with Hedge Canister - a $299 value for FREE!  Canister is a simple drag & drop Linear Tape File System (LTFS) archiving and retrieve app for macOS.

Canister Features

  • Makes industry standard LTFS tapes
  • True drag & drop archiving/retrieve for macOS (Big Sur compatible)
  • Supports archiving to a single LTO or to two LTOs simultaneously
  • xxHash64 verification ensures an exact replica of your source is copied to LTO
  • Catalogs are created for every tape - retrieving files is simple!
  • Catalogs mount as a network drive and are fully searchable by Finder
  • Generates Transfer logs, Media Hash List and Manifests
  • In app Console

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