Hedge Canister LTFS Archiving software for macOS


Hedge Canister LTFS Archiving Software for macOS

Create cross platform LTFS archives using LTO-6, LTO-7, LTO-8 or LTO-9 tapes  

Canister Features

  • Makes industry standard LTFS tapes
  • True drag & drop archiving/retrieve for macOS 
  • Supports archiving to a single LTO or to two LTOs simultaneously
  • xxHash64 verification ensures an exact replica of your source is copied to LTO
  • Catalogs are created for every tape - retrieving files is simple!
  • Catalogs mount as a network drive and are fully searchable by Finder
  • Generates Transfer logs, Media Hash List and Manifests
  • In app Console
Browse and search all your LTO tapes with Catalogs.  Directly access all your tapes without needing to mount them first.  A Catalog is created for each tape Canister sees and is made available as a network mount that is indexed by Spotlight.  All changes are tracked, all versions are kept just like a Time Machine.  Best of all, it doesn't require a database.

Once your order is placed, click on the following link to download the software.  A license code will be sent to the email address provided.