CatDV Pro Asset Management Software

CatDV Asset Management Software by Quantum

CatDV Pro from Quantum is a highly scalable Media Asset Management software with direct hooks into AI platforms that can log, transcribe, and tag images found in all your footage without ever needing to take a human off a project and slow your production schedule down.  You can log metadata against your media making is searchable using key words, not just clip titles.

With CatDV’s automation engine, all that is needed is to point CatDV to your footage and let the software manage, transcode, and log it so that producers can produce and not be focused on media management.  Let CatDV index and organize your content to make it searchable, taggable and discoverable. 

Use CatDV Pro in concert with mLogic's LTO solutions to seamlessly archive your content to tape to free up disk-based storage and preserve the assets for 30+ years.  CatDV makes it easy to manage assets stored on LTO tapes.

mTape desktop Thunderbolt LTO-9 tape drive

Please note that this is a perpetual desktop single-user client (macOS or Windows) license with lifetime usage rights. Includes support and upgrades for 1-year.  Additional years of support/upgrades are available for $175/year.

Download CatDV Pro here

A CatDV Pro Asset Management Software license code will be emailed to the address provided during checkout. 

Easy Tape Backup for Media Pros! | mLogic with CatDV from JBA on Vimeo.