Xendata6 Workstation Archiving Software For Windows

Save $100 off List Price!  Also available bundled with mTape & mRack units.

Xendata 6 Archiving Software for Windows

XenData6 Workstation software runs on 64 bit Windows 10, 8.1 or Windows 7 and provides high performance archiving to and restoring from mLogic mTape archiving solutions using Windows Explorer.  For Mac users, the software is compatible with both Boot Camp and VM Fusion.

XenData software extends Windows Explorer’s capabilities to transfer files to and from mTape to any accessible logical drive letter or network share. Similarly, files may be restored to an available drive letter or share.

Functionality includes:

  • Writes to mTape using either LTFS or TAR formats
  • Maintains file and folder structures, allowing easy transfer of nested folders to and from LTO
  • All file types are supported from DPX to MXF or even Word docs
  • End to End Logical Block Protection which verifies the integrity of the file written to LTO in real time
  • Manages an unlimited number of offline LTO cartridges
  • Ability to browse or search for files including those that are offline
  • Ability to run reports that provides tape content and file search information even for offline LTO cartridges
  • Faster file restores because the XenData6 Workstation software restores files in tape order
  • No interleaved file blocks when archiving multiple simultaneous files for better data integrity and faster restores
  • Robust capability to restore files from cartridges after misuse such as a power failure to the LTO drive while writing.

The software license allows you to install the software on multiple computers and use an assigned tape drive on any of those computers. 

Once your order is placed, click on the following link to download the software and create a Login.  A license key will then be sent to the email address provided. 

Before installing the software, please connect your mTape and install a device driver for it. When licensing the software, make sure that you have an Internet connection and select Request Evaluation License Workstation as shown below and then press OK or Apply.