Tape Cartridge - Fujifilm LTO-6

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First LTO in the world produced with Barium Ferrite Magnetic Particles

The Fujifilm's LTO Ultrium 6 cartridge is the first in the world with Barium Ferrite magnetic particles using Fujifilm's core Nanocubic technology. 

LTO Generation 6 hardware is backward read/write compatible with LTO Ultrium 5 data cartridges and backward read compatible with LTO Ultrium 4 data cartridges. As with the previous generation, LTO Ultrium 6 hardware incorporates the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and Linear Tape File System (LTFS) dual partitioning functionality. In addition, Fujifilm LTO 6 cartridges are capable of long life archive for over 30 years and it also has excellent read/write accuracy on drives that start to wear down after repeated use.